Easy, Compliant & Secure Telehealth

Video consultations that are:

  • Easy. Works on your phone or computer browser. No software to install.
  • Compliant. Enables you to comply with Australian Privacy Principles.
  • Secure. Connects peer-to-peer with end-to-end encryption.

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Easy to use

How P2P Telehealth Works How P2P Telehealth Works

Easy to stay compliant

Custom-built for compliance with Australian Privacy Principles ... unlike some others.

P2P Telehealth P2P Telehealth
WhatsApp WhatsApp
Facetime FaceTime
Skype for Business Skype for Business
Skype Skype
Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams
Zoom Zoom
Webex Webex
GoToMeeting GoToMeeting
Google Meet Google Meet
Doxy.me Doxy.me
VSee VSee

In June 2018 Donald Trump signed the CLOUD Act into legislation. It allows US law-enforcement agencies to access data that is stored by any US-based tech company.

Australian Signals Directive

The Australian Signals Directorate (the Australian government agency responsible information security) says organisations storing or transmitting "sensitive data" about Australian citizens, must be able to guarantee that data is not accessible by foreign governments. If you use a US-owned service, you're not complying.

Easy to stay secure



This means all video and audio travel directly from you to your patient. No video or audio data travel through a central server.

End-to-End encrypted

End-to-End encrypted

This means all video and audio is encrypted on your computer or phone, delivered to your patient's computer or phone and decrypted. All in real-time.

Military-grade encryption

Military-grade encryption

We use Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit keys (AES256-GCM). There are no known cases of this encryption having ever been "cracked".



Video and audio travel directly from you to your patient.


Central Server

Central Server

Video and audio travel via a central server. This often means patient data leaves the country.

Professionalize your clinic

Clinic accounts are available.

Customize Clinic

Your logo and colors

Everthing patients see is customized with your name, logo and colors.


Manage your team

Invite multiple Health Practitioners and Booking Managers in an easy-to-use dashboard.


Consolidate billing

Share Pay-As-You-Go Credits amoung your Health Practitioners, or purchase Unlimited Plans.

Easy to compare

End-to-End Encryption
HIPAA Compliance
Built for Aust. Privacy Compliance
FaceTime Free
WhatsApp Free
Skype Free
Skype for Business $
Microsoft Teams $
WebEx $$
Zoom $
Zoom for Healthcare $
GoToMeeting $
Google Meet $$
BlueJeans $
Doxy.me $$
thera-LINK $$
VSee $$$
Coviu $$
P2P Telehealth $

You have to either specially configure the settings to turn off certain features (like auto-backups), or you have to speak to a sales rep and have them set up your account and manually sign a Business Associates Agreement.

Easy and affordable pricing

Always free for Patients & Booking Managers.
Plans for Clinics also available.

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Unlimited Plan

  $22 per month


From $1.70 per consult

$70.00 $55.00 $50.00 $22.00 Save up to 69%

* Prices based on similar monthly packages. .

  • Features vary between competitors.
  • Competitor plans for comparison were selected assuming low definition video is unacceptable, and multiple participants are required on occasion.
  • Prices taken as at June 17, 2020.
  • Prices for Doxy.me and VSee have been converted from USD (using the exchange rate as at June 17, 2020).

Easy to manage

Practice Managers become remain superheroes!

Receptionists, Assistants and Secretaries can create free "Booking Manager" accounts and can schedule consultations on behalf of Health Practitioners.

Practice Managers can set up a "Clinic" within P2P Telehealth. As a "Clinic Admin" and you'll be able to:

  • Invite multiple Health Practitioners and Booking Managers.
  • Consolidate billing.
  • Customize with your logo and colors.

Call us to find out how we can help you onboard your practice.

1300 503 972

Booking Manager

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Easy requirements

What you need

  • Decent Internet connection (NBN, Fibre, Cable, 5G, 4G, 3G, or ADSL2+)
  • Any mobile phone, tablet, or computer (with a webcam and microphone)
  • Your web browser - the latest version of Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Edge

For best results

  • Plug in network cable
  • Headphones with a microphone
  • Bright and even lighting
  • Light coming from in front of you, not behind

Check to see if your system meets the requiremts. Run our:

Pre-call Checklist

Easy to set up

Try It Out 2-minute set up. Free Trial.
No credit card required.